Course Syllabus

Engineering and Design Overview

Room A-130 with Mr. Foust


Engineering and Design is a course that explores the way STEM themes apply to various aspects of design.  STEM is an abbreviation for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.  This elective, semester course will bring these four branches together through problem solving and discussion of various topics.  Students will be given tasks ranging from pen and paper calculations, to designing and building some object, to gathering and organizing information.  This course will take a hands-on approach to exploring and accomplishing a variety of tasks. 


There is no textbook for this class.



  1. Be responsible for how your choices affect other people, equipment and our learning environment. 
  2. Be prepared for class.  Bring the essentials every day - pencils, notebook, folder, textbook.     ]
  3. Come to class on time and leave the room neat and organized (the room…and yourself).


Not meeting the above expectations may result in the following:

warning, parent contact, after school teacher detention on Friday from dismissal until 4:30, admin. detention


We will be going outside and potentially going around town for some projects.  Extra care should be taken when we are outdoors, and especially off school property.  If the first expectation is not being met, you may be left behind for these portions of the project.  This will affect your grade if you are unable to participate.  This is subject to change at my discretion. 



Your grade will be based on total points accumulated through the marking period

Letter grades according to school grading.


Your percentage = your points earned/total points

Homework – Assignments meant to introduce topics, reinforce concepts and practice skills.   
In class assignments – Practice or discovery activities that may be given individually or in small groups.
Notebook and reading check – Based on the quality and organization of your notes.  
      Possible checks during tests, by exit slips and other methods.   
      Ask yourself, “Could someone else make sense of and learn from my notebook?”   
Quiz – Similar to tests and designed to assess smaller blocks of information.  
      Quizzes can be given as solo or occasionally small group efforts.
Test – Assessments given over larger sections of materials, generally chapters.

Projects – the majority of your points will come from projects. 


Students are responsible for getting and completing notes and assignments due to absence.  Refer to school policy on missed assignments due to absence.