Course Syllabus







Unit 1 - Introduction to the Chemistry of Living Organisms

            Section 1 - Intro to Chemistry           

            Section 2 - Properties of Water and pH

            Section 3 - Carbon Compounds and Enzymes


Unit 2 - Cell Structure and Transport


            Section 1 - Cell Structure and Function

            Section 2 - Cell Membrane Structure and Transport


Unit 3 - Bioenergetics


            Section 1 - Photosynthesis

            Section 2 - Cellular Respiration and Fermentation


Unit 4 – Cell Reproduction


            Section 1 – Mitosis

            Section 2 – Cell Cycle Regulation and Stem Cells


Unit 5 – Molecular Basis of Inheritance: Genetics  


            Section 1 – Introduction to Genetics and Punnett Squares

            Section 2 – Non-Mendelian Inheritance

            Section 3 – Meiosis and Chromosome Mutations


Unit 6 – Molecular Basis of Inheritance: DNA and Biotechnology


            Section 1 – Introduction to DNA Structure and DNA Replication

            Section 2 – Protein Synthesis and DNA Mutations


Unit 7 – Nature of Science


Section 1 – Scientific Method and Graphing

            Section 2 – Characteristics of Life and Levels of Organization


Unit 8 – Evolution and Natural Selection


Section 1 – Introduction to Darwin and Evidence of Evolution

            Section 2 – Population and Species Evolution


Unit 9 – Ecology and the Environment


Section 1 – Introduction to Ecology and Energy Flow

            Section 2 – Population, Community, and Ecosystem Ecology


Classwork for Biology

            Canvas is utilized for class almost every day.  Each Biology unit is broken down into lessons which have links to websites and worksheets.  Any worksheets that are completed in class from Canvas will be printed for students, and if they need another copy, they may print it from Canvas. 



            All classwork/homework assignments are started in class.  If the work is not finished in class, then it will become homework.  All students are given the opportunity to see me during my free period, after school, or in the morning if they need help.  All assignments will be graded.  They are usually worth between 5 and 10 points.  Lab reports are usually worth between 40 and 100 points.  Incomplete assignments or those not handed in will be a zero.



            All students must keep a three ring notebook.  In this notebook will contain terms, class notes, classwork assignments, and lab reports. 



            1)  Homework, Terms, Study Guides

            2)  Lab Reports                      

            3)  Quizzes and Tests             

            4)  Projects                                         


Tests and quizzes

            All quizzes are announced several days in advance.  All tests are announced at least one week in advance.  Study guides are given to all students before each quiz and test.  There is one test per unit and one to three quizzes per unit.


Extra Credit

            We will do review games before each test and quiz and bonus points are awarded.