Course Syllabus

Mr. Potteiger                         20th CENTURY AMERICAN HISTORY SYLLABUS           Room A-150


                Welcome to American Cultures II.  This course is intended to be a study of the United States in the 20th century.  We will be spending time studying key topics including the Progressive era, WWI, the Great Depression, WWII, the Cold War, Civil Rights era, etc.  We will do all of this with the goal of better understanding how the United States came to be what it is today. 


If you are having trouble with the material, COME SEE ME, and we will discuss the problem and create solutions so you can reach your potential. I am available in the morning if you need to see me. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND a three ring binder for this course. Come prepared every day with your textbook, chromebook, headphones/ear buds, binder, and something to write with.


We will be utilizing Google Classroom and Google Apps for Education (GAFE) on a regular basis. This can be accessed by the students using their school provided Google login on any connected device. Paperwork will be distributed electronically so students can make copies if the original is lost.


  • Homework- Most assignments will be submitted through Classroom.
  • Projects- There will be various graded projects and group work assignments throughout the school year that will be announced and described to you by the teacher.
  • Tests & Quizzes- All tests & quizzes will be announced in advance.  Tests typically will consist of multiple choice, matching, short answer, and essay questions in some combination.
    • If you are absent the day of the test or an announced quiz, you are responsible to take the test.  The number of days you have to take the test will depend on the number of days missed.  It is your responsibility to make up the test up in a timely manner.    If you do not make the test up within 5 days it will be a zero. Absences longer than 5 days handled case by case.
  • Late Work- For each day late, ten percent of the value of the assignment will be deducted from your score. (i.e. a 10 point homework assignment turned in 2 days late will be worth a maximum of 8 points) After 5 days, no late work will be accepted for credit.
  • Cheating and Plagiarism- Cheating will result in a 0.  Plagiarism will result in a 0, and an incomplete for that marking period until the assignment is resubmitted in a satisfactory manner.


Class rules and behavioral expectations revolve around the ideas of respect and responsibility. 

  1. The more you contribute to class, the more you will get out of this course. Questions, observations, and informed opinions are all welcome during class.
  2. Be respectful and others will respect you in return
  3. Take responsibility for all of your actions (accomplishments AND mistakes)


                Google Classroom will automatically send individualized emails for your student. In order to sign up for this feature, please contact me with the email address you would like to use for this feature. I will enter it into the system, and you should receive an email from Google to complete the setup. Since parents cannot access the Classroom page, this is a great way to stay informed about what your student is doing in my class. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

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