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This course, offered six periods per cycle, is designed to acquaint students with the physical laws governing his/her everyday existence. Students interested in pursuing careers in engineering, architecture, mathematics, or related fields are encouraged to elect this course. Advanced algebraic problem solving skills are essential in physics; therefore, a working knowledge of algebra, geometry,and advanced mathematics is highly recommended. Students will conceptually and mathematically interpret Newton’s laws of motion, forces, energy, momentum, work, power, velocity, acceleration, circular motion, wave behavior, light, and sound. A per cycle laboratory period will give students hands-on experience with various pieces of experimental apparatus while demonstrating physical laws and principles. In addition, standard and concise laboratory report writing will be stressed. 
Algebra II; Trigonometry and Advanced Math (MUST be taken with physics or prior to taking physics); Chemistry is recommendedThe class requires self-paced study outside of the classroom in order to successfully complete this course.

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